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Lubbock Christian University

Employee Health Benefits

Welcome, LCU Employees and Family Members!

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Welcome to Baylor Scott & White Health Plan (BSWHP), part of the Baylor Scott & White family of companies. We are proud to cover nearly 500,000 members across Texas — and especially proud to include our friends at Lubbock Christian University (and their dependents) in that number. For detailed information on benefits and other resources, please scroll down.

Need help?

  • Customer service advocates are available from 7 AM to 7 PM weekdays at 844.633.5325. You can also send a secure email (and receive a secure response) through the MyBSWHealth Member Portal.
  • 24/7 Member Portal: MyBSWHealth. Chat live with Customer Service (not available on all screens) OR send a secure message anytime. Available at or in the MyBSWHealth app.
  • Nurse Advice Line: Nurses are available 24/7 to talk through your symptoms and help you make decisions on next steps, whether that's an appointment or an at-home remedy. The Nurse Advice Line phone number is on the back of your member ID card.
  • Telemedicine 24/7: Virtual care is available anytime from MyBSWHealth (in Texas) and MDLIVE (nationwide). Access both from your MyBSWHealth member portal or scroll down to learn more.

New year = new Member ID card

Be sure to always show your new Member ID card to your provider, even if your coverage has not changed. You may have a new Member ID number or a phone number may have changed. Your provider will need this information to confirm coverage and process your claims.

Your card contains important information including your plan name, member ID number, copay/coinsurance amounts and customer service phone numbers to call if you have questions.

2024 Plan Information

2023 Plan Information

Health and Wellness Programs

Treating yourself right isn't a fad, it's a good habit. And it's a habit anyone can pick up. Let our Wellness programs improve the areas of your life that could use a boost.

FREE Wellness Webinars

You can learn about anything from nutrition to happiness in our free midday Wellness Webinars. Grab your lunch and plan to join us at one or all! Click below for the schedule of upcoming webinars and how to register.

Be Well Newsletter

Digital Weight-Loss Program - Wondr

Have you ever wondered why some people can eat the foods they love and not gain weight? Wondr Health reveals the secret sauce behind the unexpected concept through behavioral science.

Community Resources - findhelp

Finding help just got easier. findhelp is a Texas-based platform created to connect all people in need with programs that serve them. You can search for local resources like medical care, food, job training, transportation and more. Organizations in your community are ready to help.

findhelp is free, private, and easy to use. Search and connect at:

Healthcare On the Go

Members have access to board-certified doctors, pediatricians, licensed therapists and more using your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

MyBSWHealth Virtual Care

my bsw health mobile app

Receive care from the comfort of your home, or anywhere in Texas, 24/7. Simply log into or download the app.

Conduct an eVisit for common medical conditions and get care fast

  • Complete a short, online interview about your symptoms.
  • Receive a response from a Baylor Scott & White Health provider within one hour.
  • Select your preferred pharmacy to send prescriptions (if needed).

Schedule a same-day Video Visit with a provider, face to face

  • Schedule your appointment.
  • Talk with a Baylor Scott & White Health provider live about your symptoms.
  • Visits length varies, based on your needs. Often as quick as 10 - 15 minutes.
  • Provider will send prescription (if needed) to your preferred pharmacy.

Virtual Care Powered by MDLIVE

md live mobile app

Virtual care options, powered by MDLIVE, are available 24/7 (including holidays) for most Employer Group and all Marketplace members. Check your member guide for information on your group's benefits.

  • Access to board-certified doctors, pediatricians, licensed therapists and more
  • Secure and easy visits by phone or video
  • Prescriptions sent to your pharmacy when needed


Registration is easy and takes only a few minutes.

  • To register, visit MDLIVE or call 800.718.5082.
  • When you register, be sure to tell them you're a Baylor Scott & White Health Plan member and have your member ID card available.

NOTE: If you already have an account with MDLIVE through a different insurance plan, you will need to re-register as a Baylor Scott & White Health Plan member. Be sure to save your new username and password so you can log in to the correct account.


Once you have registered with your Baylor Scott & White Health Plan account, you can access MDLIVE:

Pharmacy Information

BSWHP Specialty Pharmacy Drug Program

The BSWHP Specialty Pharmacy Program offers the choice of two specialty care pharmacies to help manage and access specialty drugs.

Preventive care medications

Under the Affordable Care Act, also known as the healthcare reform law, BSWHP covers some preventive care medications at 100% without charging a copay, coinsurance or deductible. The following list of drugs and products require a prescription (including over-the-counter medications) and to be filled at a network pharmacy to be covered at no cost share.

Transition of Care

Enrollees in Active Treatment

New Baylor Scott & White Health Plan enrollees in active treatment for medical conditions with non-Baylor Scott & White Health Plan network providers may be granted up to 90 days to transition care to network providers, based on individual case review.

Fill out a transition of care form and submit it to Baylor Scott & White Health Plan at:

Baylor Scott & White Health Plan
Attention: Customer Advocacy
1206 W. Campus Drive
Temple, TX 76502

Or fax it to:
Attention: Customer Advocacy

Authorization and Referrals

Choosing a provider

To receive the maximum benefit from your Baylor Scott & White Health Plan (BSWHP) medical plan, you will need to use BSWHP-contracted doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, and other providers of medical services that are covered by your plan.

When you need non-emergency medical services you always have the choice of using out-of-network providers. However, you will not receive the benefits of your BSWHP medical plan, and you will be responsible for the full cost of any medical services you receive.

Search for providers by network:


In all emergency situations, you are encouraged to call 911 or seek care with the nearest BSWHP-contracted provider. If a local network provider is not available, go to the nearest emergency room for treatment.

If you are hospitalized as a result of the emergency, you should contact the BSWHP Health Services Division within 24 to 48 hours of hospital admission at 888.316.7947. Coverage for continued treatment is assured when approval is obtained from BSWHP through the Health Services Division. Emergency care in a hospital emergency room requires a copayment, which will be waived if you are admitted to the hospital within 24 hours.


Referrals are not required by Baylor Scott & White Health Plan to see specialists in your network (BSW Plus HMO or BSW Preferred HMO, depending on which plan you choose) but may be required by the specialist themselves according to their departmental policy.

Prior authorizations

Some services may require your physician to ask BSWHP for prior authorization. If you want to be sure BSWHP will pay for this service, you will need prior authorization before these services are performed. When authorization is given, BSWHP will provide coverage for these services based on the terms of your specific plan.

If you have questions about referrals or prior authorizations, please contact us at 844.633.5235.

Contact Us

We're here for you. Our highly trained Customer Advocates can answer your benefits or claims questions, help you find a provider and more. Whatever your question or concern may be, our Customer Advocates will work with you to resolve it as quickly as possible—in most cases, before you hang up the phone.

Call Us: 844.633.5325

(7 AM to 7 PM weekdays); TTY: 711

Send a Secure Message

MyBSWHealth Member Portal

Stop By to Say Hi!

Lubbock Office

7005 Salem Park Drive, Ste. 100
Lubbock, TX 79424

Following CDC guidelines for COVID-19, at this time we do not have in-person customer service. Our Customer Service Representatives will be happy to help you by phone at the numbers above. You also have access to your 24/7 Self-Service portal.

Language Assistance

Our Customer Service Representatives speak both English and Spanish. If you would be more comfortable in another language, we can connect you with an interpreter.

Nurse Advice Line

Nurses are available to members 24/7. Our nurses can give you information about how to take care of yourself at home or help you decide if an appointment, urgent care visit or emergency room visit is best. To talk to a nurse, call the number on the back of your member ID card.

Privacy Policy

Important Notice: This notice is to advise you that as a member of the Health Plan, information created, maintained, or received about you may be subject to electronic disclosure, and in keeping with appropriate authorizations from you or your legal representative or as otherwise required by law. As always, our organization remains committed to ensuring the privacy and security of your protected health information.

The information we use to help us better understand our visitors includes domain names but not email addresses. Email addresses are collected only when you initiate communication with us via email or provide us the information. In order to help us improve services and content, we may collect information on what pages are being accessed or visited. You provide any other information that we gather via surveys, forms and registrations.

Personal information that you provide is limited to the specific use for which you provided it. That means that your postal and email addresses and telephone numbers will only be used to contact you regarding a request you submitted online.

Your information will not be shared with any organization outside of our organization without your consent, except as required by law.

If you have any further questions regarding our privacy policy, please contact the Compliance Officer:

Health Plan Compliance Officer
1206 W. Campus Drive
Temple, TX 76502

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