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Become an Agent

Why Work With Us?

Texans trust Baylor Scott & White Health Plan because we've been part of your communities for four decades and are owned by Baylor Scott & White Health, the largest hospital system in the state.

Our local service, complemented by digital tools, strengthens our ability to make things simple and help you connect your clients with the best healthcare at competitive prices.

Interested in selling our products?

We are currently appointing for new Medicare and Group selling agents only. No ACA Marketplace agent appointments until further notice.


Before becoming a Baylor Scott & White Health Plan agent, it's important to understand the necessary requirements in order to sell our products. Here's everything you need to know.

Processing turnaround times are typically 3-5 business days. Requests with incomplete information could take up to 35 calendar days.

  • Out-of-state requirements
  • Ready-to-sell requirements by product
  • Ready-to-sell maintenance requirements
  • Medicare Advantage requirements

Out-of-state requirements

  • Out-of-state agents are required to have BSWHP contracted and approved FMO affiliation

Ready-to-sell requirements by product

  • All agents must have an active Texas Department of Insurance license
  • Medicare certifications
    • Complete the current year AHIP certification (BSW does not credit or reimburse for this training)
    • Complete the current available BSW Product Training by product (Central Texas, North Texas and West Texas)
  • ACA Marketplace training certifications provided via
  • Group certifications
    • None at this time

Ready-to-sell maintenance requirements

  • All agents must maintain an active Texas Dept of Insurance license
  • All agents must maintain active BSWHP appointments with Texas Dept of Insurance
  • All agents must complete all applicable annual trainings

Medicare Advantage requirements

As part of the Medicare credentialing requirements, Baylor Scott & White Health Plan has to receive your passing AHIP, Product Training and current TDI License and Appointment confirmation every year. If you do not maintain credentialing requirements, your selling rights will be suspended and possibly terminated.

  1. AHIP: AHIP is released approximately mid-June annually. If you have already completed and passed the training through another carrier's web link, follow the steps below for BSWHP to capture your passing data for our records.
    1. Log into our AHIP
    2. Go to the heading "Completion Transmissions"
    3. Click the "Transmit" link next to "Scott and White Health Plan"

    If you have not completed the AHIP training, you can register or log into AHIP, pay the applicable fees and complete the required certifications. By following this process, you give Baylor Scott & White Health Plan permission to obtain your passing AHIP certification in order to update your file and our system.

  2. Product training:
    • Medicare Agent Product Training is released annually between late July and August by BSWHP using our training system.
    • Each appointed Medicare agent with an active license will receive an Informed Agent notification once the training is released.
    • All Medicare agents are required to complete and pass product training with 85% or higher passing score.
    • There are multiple Medicare trainings. Make sure to complete all that are applicable to you.
    • If you need help with your username and password, please contact us.
  3. TDI license and appointment: All agents are required to maintain an active Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) license as well as BSWHP and subsidiary appointments.

    If you have not renewed your license 45 days prior to expiring, you will receive a reminder from BSWHP to renew your license.

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